Adopt a better mindset with weight loss hypnotherapy

For many, achieving their weight loss goals while maintaining a healthy relationship with food and exercise can be challenging. From restrictive diets and sugary cravings to a lack of motivation, there are many factors that could be causing repeated setbacks.

The objective of weight loss hypnotherapy is to resolve any unconscious resistance, correct old habits and create a more positive outlook surrounding the journey to a healthier lifestyle. It will help you reach your goals with no diets, pills or supplements – just the power of the mind.

Hypnotherapy and weight loss: How does it work?

Hypnotherapy is designed to reinvent your approach to losing weight, guiding you naturally towards your goal. The deep state of relaxation used during sessions unlocks the unconscious mind, the part of the brain responsible for decision-making.

Here you can begin to identify the deeper reasons why you are self-sabotaging your success and how to overcome these. And, as your mind will be more receptive to suggestions, you can begin to input healthy behavioural changes and self-management techniques.

Build positive relationships with food and exercise

Strict diets with no enjoyment will only ever achieve short-term results. Hypnotherapy is focused on making life-long mindset changes, helping you to:

Swap counting calories for nutritious meals
Enjoy treats without feeling guilty
Avoid eating due to boredom
Get into a regular exercise routine
Remove the desire to over-eat
No longer use food as a coping mechanism

Frequently asked questions

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