What is a phobia?

A phobia is recognised as an anxiety disorder; it is far more debilitating than fears and causes individuals to feel in intense danger around a particular object or scenario. Phobias can have an immense impact on daily life and come alongside many symptoms, such as dizziness, nausea, sweating and shaking. In more severe situations, a phobia can cause heart palpitations and an upset stomach.

When can you tell that something is a phobia?

Fears are incredibly common, but this becomes a phobia if they last for longer than six months, are out of proportion compared to the danger or prevent an individual from living their life.

The most common phobias include:


The fear of spiders


The fear of heights


The fear of flying


The fear of injections

Social Phobia:

The fear of social situations


The fear of germs and dirt

How does hypnotherapy for phobias work?

As phobias work on a subconscious level, hypnotherapy is perfect for helping you overcome your fears for good. In the past, regardless of how much you would have told yourself a situation/object isn’t life-threatening, believing it would have felt impossible. However, through hypnotherapy for phobias, you will target these triggers on a deeper level. It will allow you to retrain your brain to alter how you think and behave, so your phobia will no longer be seen as a danger.

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