Manage intrusive thoughts through hypnotherapy for OCD

Constant intrusive thoughts and irrational behaviours can quickly become incredibly overwhelming, making OCD consume even minor daily tasks. This causes a lot of distress and can feel impossible to explain to friends and family – this is where hypnotherapy for OCD comes in.

My tailored hypnotherapy for OCD helps to uncover triggers and begin to retrain the brain to no longer have a fixation on particular thoughts and behaviours. It focuses solely on the brain, making lasting changes to take control of OCD for good and improve quality of life.

The difference between obsessions and compulsions

It is common for those suffering from OCD to experience both obsessions and compulsions, both of which can cause immense levels of stress and anxiety, impacting both personal and professional life. Common examples of each include:

  • Fear of germ or dirt contamination
  • Fear of losing control or causing harm
  • Fixation of superstitions (i.e. things being lucky or unlucky)
  • Intrusive, extreme or violent thoughts
  • Excessive cleaning (i.e. washing hands)
  • Repeated double-checking (i.e. locks and switches)
  • Tapping, counting or repeating words
  • Continuously checking loved ones are safe

Hypnotherapy for obsessive thoughts helps to identify triggers

Hypnotherapy is designed to access the deep, inner thoughts, feelings and experiences buried in the subconscious mind. This is the part of the brain responsible for decision-making, so by identifying why these obsessions and compulsions formed, they can start to be reversed.

During hypnotherapy sessions, the brain will be far more receptive to change, meaning that it can be influenced by new suggestions. The anxiety surrounding OCD can be reduced, releasing tension and encouraging more control over the body. Hypnotherapy will also teach valuable coping mechanisms, allowing OCD to become more manageable.

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Frequently asked questions

Testimonial from my previous client

Victoria showed great listening skills, which I really appreciated, and was thus able to define a highly-effective treatment plan, which happily worked very well for me. She showed fine empathy and support for my problems, which meant I could open up and trust her with doing hypnosis generally.

Victoria’s pleasant manner and professionalism allowed me to ask questions along the way, and in so doing, gain a truly deep understanding with her. I was able to make major progress with my issues through her treatment, and which thankfully continues for me after it in a very positive manner.

As a clinical hypnotherapist, Victoria is one I would highly recommend – I definitely plan to contact her again for other issues!

With my sincerest thanks to Victoria for her fine work; all very much appreciated.