Hypnotherapy for sports performance and a winner’s mindset

As an athlete, there is always a heavy focus on physical fitness; however, your mental ability can be just as, if not more, important. Working closely with your mind-body connection, sports hypnotherapy is designed to enhance performance by cultivating self-belief, determination and a winner’s mindset. It arms you with all of the tools you need to control the subconscious mind and overcome the limitations stopping you from reaching your goals.

My tailored hypnotherapy for athletes will help to:

  • Eliminate the fear of failure
  • Maintain focus on strategy and success
  • Release negative thoughts and enforce self-belief
  • Remove the “sinking feeling” before an event
  • Adopt consistent, healthy lifestyle habits
  • Unwind the mind and body for well-needed rest

Hypnotherapy is designed to unlock your full potential

One of the biggest misconceptions of hypnotherapy is that you will no longer have control – this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, following hypnotherapy, you will have more control over your mind and body than ever.

Hypnotherapy for athletes allows you to access your subconscious mind and learn how to focus your attention on a particular strategy, technique or overall objective. It’s a secret weapon for thousands of successful sportspeople who have used hypnotherapy to build their mental strength and perform at their best.

Say goodbye to fixed mindsets for good

A fixed mindset is one of the number one causes of failure. The mind convinces itself that once you reach specific targets, you can no longer progress. By changing this, these limitations slowly begin to disappear.

Hypnotherapy retrains the brain into swapping these fixed attitudes for a growth mindset. You no longer avoid obstacles and challenges or give up easily. Instead, these are embraced, you build resilience, and you can reach your full potential.

Hypnotherapy can also help to speed up recovery

Along with building a winning mindset, sports hypnotherapy can also aid injury recovery. Not only are you taught how to disassociate yourself from the pain, but also how to manage any anxiousness surrounding your recovery. You will nurture a positive attitude toward your injury rehabilitation, no longer over-analysing the “what ifs” and focusing solely on getting back to competing.

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