Hypnotherapy focused solely on female sexual health

From the loss of sexual interest to painful intercourse, many issues may be causing intimacy problems and, as a result, a lack of confidence in the bedroom. Though many male sexual health conditions are physiological (affecting the body), for women, the causes are often psychological (affecting the mind), which makes hypnotherapy an incredibly powerful resource for overcoming these hurdles. Sessions will not only uncover the root cause but also correct subconscious beliefs to promote a fulfilling sex life.

What can hypnotherapy help to overcome?

My hypnotherapy sessions can prove incredibly effective in improving intimacy, helping to resolve a number of common problems, such as:


As a female orgasmic disorder, Anorgasmia can either cause a persistent delay in orgasm or the inability to orgasm at all. While there are medical causes that relate to Anorgasmia, psychological triggers are the most common. This includes depression, fear of sex or losing control, dissatisfaction, and lack of knowledge about sexual contact.


Vaginismus is a condition that causes muscle spasms, making intercourse a painful, distressing experience. As opposed to being a physical condition, Vaginismus is mainly triggered by psychological factors and uses spasms to protect the body. This can result from fear of pregnancy, relationship problems or reminders of traumatic experiences, for example.

Painful sex

Painful sex, also known as dyspareunia, is far more common than many assume. It can have many causes, such as a reduction in oestrogen levels due to the menopause, or health conditions, including ovarian cysts, surgery scar tissue and endometriosis. In other cases, pain can be psychological following a situation that has altered the mind's response.

Low libido

A low sex drive is experienced by many, but for some, this feeling is persistent and can have an immense impact on relationships. Low libido can be down to a change in hormones, such as during pregnancy or the menopause. Excessive tiredness, drug and alcohol abuse, diabetes and depression can also be the reason behind this problem.

Why is hypnotherapy an effective solution?

Hypnotherapy focuses on the unconscious mind, the part of the brain responsible for feelings, thoughts and urges. It collects all experiences from birth and subconsciously uses these to aid decision-making.

Through tapping into the unconscious mind, my sessions travel deep into your past experiences to identify underlying conflicts and unresolved feelings. We work on creating a positive mindset toward sex, reducing stress and promoting relaxation to help you take control over your body.

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