Break the cycle through addiction hypnotherapy

Managing an addiction can cause immense strain on working lives, relationships and social interactions. Should this intensify, addition can also lead to severe psychological and physical effects.

While it may seem challenging to take control, it is not impossible. Addiction hypnotherapy will help to identify the root cause and triggers, creating a powerful connection between the mind and body to effectively overcome addictions.

Most addictions fall within 1 of 3 categories

Addictions are caused by a compulsive craving for a specific substance or an urge to display a particular behaviour. It causes individuals to lose control over their actions, often leading to negative, dangerous or unhealthy consequences.

Addictions typically fall into one of the following categories:

Behavioural addiction

It is possible for an individual to become addicted to a behaviour that gives them a 'rush' and temporarily lifts their moods, such as gambling or shopping.

Impulse addiction

Impulse addiction builds when an individual struggles to manage their emotions and actions; therefore, become more likely to show destructive behaviour.

Substance addiction

Substance addiction occurs when an individual forms a physical dependence on a specific chemical, most commonly prescription or illegal drugs.

The most commonly treated addictions

Although I offer hypnotherapy for all addiction types, the most commonly treated include:

Prescription drugs
Illegal drugs
Video game

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