Learn valuable coping techniques through hypnotherapy for chronic pain

Everyone has experienced physical pain in some shape or form; however, for many, dealing with severe pain becomes a part of their everyday lives. Also known as chronic pain, this long-term, often complex issue can be incredibly debilitating, leading to increased stress and low moods.

While painkillers can provide temporary relief, hypnotherapy for chronic pain focuses on linking the mind with the body. It works towards changing thoughts, feelings and perceptions, refocusing the mind and making it far easier to manage pain.

Pain management hypnotherapy can help to alleviate:

My pain management hypnotherapy sessions are always tailored to individual circumstances and conditions; some of the most common include:

Multiple sclerosis

Managing pain can also improve mental health

Many underestimate the strain that physical pain can have on mental health. By caring for the mind, just as much as the body, overall quality of life will improve, helping to deal with:


Depression makes the mind more focused on negatives, and when suffering from chronic pain, the main focus will be on this. Hypnotherapy will teach valuable meditation and breathing techniques, helping the mind to react differently to the sensation of pain and, as a result, reduce anxiety levels.


Hypnotherapy is designed to encourage deep relaxation, making it an excellent resource for those experiencing insomnia due to chronic pain. Insomnia causes frequent problems with sleeping, whether it may be finding it impossible to drift off to sleep, waking up several times during the night or both.

How does hypnotherapy make it easier to manage pain?

Of course, hypnotherapy cannot cure the condition causing pain, but it does improve the ability to live with it. Sessions are designed to encourage a deep state of relaxation where the brain is neither awake nor asleep, making it far more receptive to suggestions.

At this stage, the mind can be refocused, alleviating any fear and anxiety surrounding the pain. This allows individuals to regain control over their bodies and understand how to relieve the pain without constant reliance on painkillers.

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