Anger management hypnotherapy to release destructive emotions

Anger plays a normal role in everyday life and is an entirely natural response; however, for some, this emotion can begin to take over their lives. When anger becomes persistent, uncontrollable and unrestrained, it can dramatically impact a person’s self-esteem, relationships and career.

Through hypnotherapy for anger management, individuals will begin to uncover how their past has shaped their reactions, working on a subconscious level to reverse these triggers. As a result, it will become far easier to relax and control outbursts, leading to a better quality of life.

Where does anger come from?

The feeling of anger is triggered by chemical changes in the body that cause us to lose our rational perspective. We focus solely on the source of the threat and become blindsided to the repercussions of our actions.

Many factors influence how we react to certain circumstances, such as:

Internal factors

It is thought that anger is a taught response rather than an emotion we are born with. This also relates to upbringing; those with communication development issues as young children are less likely to be able to express their anger calmly.

Social factors
Situational factors

Everyone reacts differently to situations; however, what may be something small can turn into a rage should the variables around you fall under certain conditions. For example, if you are late to an appointment, a traffic jam will cause far more stress than if it was a day when you had an open schedule.

Anger can manifest itself physically and mentally

Understanding the red flags that anger is building is one of the first ways to begin taking control. Common signs include:

Tense muscles
Tight chest
Feeling hot
Headaches and dizziness
Inability to relax
Feeling of guilt

When does anger become an issue?

Recognising when anger is becoming an issue can be tricky. You may feel as if it is simply part of your personality, but this is unlikely to be the case. I would recommend anger management hypnotherapy if:

  • Your loved ones become scared
  • The anger is too much to handle
  • Your mental wellbeing is impacted
  • There seems to be no break from the anger
  • Your relationships are being damaged
  • You feel a deep resentment towards others

How does hypnotherapy for anger management work?

Every client I work with has a different journey with hypnotherapy for anger management; however, the process of retraining the brain remains the same. I will use deep relaxation techniques to open the subconscious mind, drilling down to the core of your anger and key triggers. Your destructive emotions can be targeted, helping you look at these triggers differently and make light of situations that would have formerly angered you. We will also work together to implement ways to keep calm and express your anger in a more assertive manner.

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