Hypnotherapy can set you free from past trauma

Sexual abuse, assault or violence is one of the most traumatic, distressing experiences imaginable. It leads to lasting physical, emotional and physiological trauma, causing an immense impact on thoughts, behaviours and lifestyle.

Although the process of moving forward will be a challenge, your trauma does not define you. You are powerful, worthy and deserving of happiness, and it is my mission to help you through this journey using hypnotherapy.

Healing from sexual trauma through hypnotherapy

It is incredibly common for sexual abuse survivors to dissociate themselves from their bodies as a self-protection mechanism. The mind is separated from the body in the hope that traumatic experiences can be buried deep and life can continue as usual. However, to fully heal, it is important to deal with the root cause of the trauma – hypnotherapy helps to access this.

During trauma hypnotherapy sessions, hypnosis is combined with talking therapy to place you in a deep state of relaxation. At this stage, the unconscious part of the brain becomes more receptive to suggestions. The distressing memories locked away can be released, allowing you to begin moving on with your life with confidence and security.

My goal is to help you to feel empowered

Opening up about sexual trauma takes enormous bravery. As not only your hypnotherapist but also your confidante, I promise to ensure that you feel safe and heard during your sessions. I take a zero judgement, totally transparent approach so that you always feel 100% comfortable. And, of course, everything discussed during sessions will remain completely confidential.

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