Isabella’s story

“I decided to book wellbeing hypnotherapy sessions to help me to look after my overall mental wellbeing better. I’d had high functioning anxiety for a long time and had used methods like meditation in the past, but even this was becoming difficult.

I was feeling burnt out, overwhelmed and found it impossible to relax, always feeling as if I had so much on my plate but too little time in the day. My sleep was being impacted, I was getting tension headaches regularly, and I could feel myself becoming easily agitated. I had heard amazing things about hypnotherapy, and Victoria was highly recommended to me, so I felt confident this would be the best route.”

The hypnotherapy journey

Isabella came to me feeling overwhelmed and had built up emotions. Sometimes I find it very effective to allow the client to release a lot of their emotions during their first session. I do this by letting the client think of anything that is bringing them down and creating a safe space for them to release those emotions – no matter what they may be and no matter how they may come out.

I also spoke to Isabella about different breathing techniques and self-hypnosis, so she is able to try this herself while we are going through the treatment and to continue afterwards. I then followed/ this with another 5 sessions. These 5 sessions consisted of hypnotherapy for general anxiety, burnout, overthinking, sleep and another general anxiety session. I personalised the sessions and tried different angles to get to the root cause of the issue.

Sharing wonderful feedback

I’ve recently finished my course of wellbeing hypnotherapy sessions with Victoria and honestly, I cannot thank her enough. She created such a safe space and I instantly felt comfortable with her, which really helped me to open up and overcome the issues I’d been facing.

Since beginning sessions, I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders – the difference has been amazing! When I start to feel slightly anxious, which is a very rare occasion now, I know exactly how to take control and not let it overwhelm me. I’ve found that I’m so much more productive, I’m sleeping way better, and I’m just overall more content.

If you’re thinking about booking hypnotherapy for anything you’re struggling with, then I genuinely cannot recommend Victoria enough!