Ash’s story

” I’d tried other therapies to help me with the OCD I had, but they’d had mixed success, nothing long-term, so I wanted to try hypnotherapy out as I’d heard it could help. I’d tried CBT for it (on myself), and it didn’t really help me too much; the initial benefit seemed to fade quickly.

I was wasting a lot of my time suffering from this, especially before bedtime, so I wanted to get that sense of self-control back. It had affected my sleep patterns badly, was damaging my health and made me moodier too.

I knew Victoria was offering hypnotherapy for this condition, so I approached her for help, and I’m really pleased I did. “

The hypnotherapy journey

I started Ash’s hypnotherapy journey by looking into their past to understand whether OCD is a condition they had suffered with in the past and why. From here, I could delve deeper into their life, when they started suffering again and how it may have been triggered.

Once I knew enough detail, we worked together on a few hypnotherapy scripts to work on the beliefs Ash had. I combined general hypnotherapy with parts therapy and regression therapy, helping my client to notice a major difference within just a few days. I was over the moon to hear that, after four sessions, Ash no longer suffers from these symptoms.

Sharing wonderful feedback

Victoria showed great listening skills, which I really appreciated, and was thus able to define a highly-effective treatment plan, which happily worked very well for me. She showed fine empathy and support for my problems, which meant I could open up and trust her with doing hypnosis generally.

Victoria’s pleasant manner and professionalism allowed me to ask questions along the way, and in so doing, gain a truly deep understanding with her. I was able to make major progress with my issues through her treatment, and which thankfully continues for me after it in a very positive manner.

As a clinical hypnotherapist, Victoria is one I would highly recommend – I definitely plan to contact her again for other issues!

With my sincerest thanks to Victoria for her fine work; all very much appreciated.